Hey! I'm Dan Toro, Product Manager at Bluedot, working on our Mobile SDK, web apps, and integrations. As a small start-up Bluedot, I also design the UI/UX of all our products.

My journey as a Product Manager started as a natural progression from my previous roles as front-end and CX engineers. My engineering background provides the technical understanding to communicate fluently with other engineers and allows me to become familiar with the development and software product lifecycle. As a CX engineer, I gained critical experience communicating with customers and knowing their needs, pain points, and aspirations in more detail.

A project that exemplifies my skills and experience is Tempo, which emerged from a hack week project where we brainstormed new ideas on how to use our Geofencing technology. This product is embedded in our Mobile SDK, allowing you to receive updates on how far the customer is from the store to collect its order, extending the customer's Last-Mile experience. I worked on the design and implementation of the app using React Native. After launching, I had the chance to work closely with customers and sales teams, gathering feedback and evolving the product until it became one of our most popular products.

I'm constantly engaging with new technologies and trends in my field, attending conferences and participating in online communities.

Feel free to get in touch with me for anything related to Product Management or Software Development.