Software Engineer

Passionate about building great products that people want to use. Great passion for product design and software development. Actively studying AI.


I've been building applications with JS for over 5 years. Both in the Frontend, transforming great designs into pixel-perfect products, as well as designing and implementing APIs and Backend services. I've been cheating JS with TypeScript for about 2 years now. Please keep it to yourself.


I have been part of the React ecosystem for about 4 years. It's one of my strongest skills. I have experience in designing re-usable components libraries. Keeping up to date on the latest state-management patterns, best testing practices, and the most popular styling libraries is one of my hobbies that I appreciate the most.

Data Visualization

I find it fascinating how simple visualisations can lead to great decision-making. I've designed and implemented an internal analytics dashboard. By the way, my bachelor was in business.